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The lights have been taken care of!

mardi 17 décembre 2019 11:54:01 Europe/Berlin

Save time and frustration by buying a Xmasdeco’s Christmas tree in which the LED lights have already been pre-fixed on the branches.

Posted By Xmasdeco

Christmas is approaching

samedi 14 décembre 2019 11:51:00 Europe/Berlin

If you are like us then you can’t wait for Christmas Eve to come.

To celebrate the countdown we have now an extra 10% on all our products.

Save an additional 10% by entering following code in our store before you checkout:


Posted By Xmasdeco

Decorate like a professional with Xmasdeco’s instructions video

mardi 10 décembre 2019 11:54:46 Europe/Berlin

With the all-in-one packages by Xmasdeco, you can decorate like a professional, and with the instructions video you will know exactly what to do. With a naturally unique appearance, and all for an excellent value, it will be a special Christmas. Every all-in-one package comes with many luxurious ornaments, hooks for the ornaments, artificial snow, tinsels and a garland to wrap around the base of the tree. In addition, each package includes the Christmas tree with pre-fixed LED lights for your convenience.

Posted By Xmasdeco

There are a lot of arguments for both sides, however in conclusion: “it depends.” It depends mostly on the time the tree is used. The minimum period of time that is suitable for using an artificial tree is around seven years. However, if you are planning on using the tree every three years, it is more beneficial to buy a real tree.

HOWEVER, one easily forgets the negative implications on the environment for a tree to grow because of pesticides and vast amounts of water.

Imagine, you buy an artificial Christmas tree and use it for ten years, you do not only save money and time buying a new tree every year, and it goes much beyond that.

Xmasdeco designed and created real looking artificial Christmas trees. They are top-quality trees with metal frames for a base, so that the tree lasts for years for your enjoyment.

Posted By Xmasdeco

The Finishing touch!

mardi 26 novembre 2019 11:57:41 Europe/Berlin

A little detail but with a big impact: Xmasdeco’s luxurious hooks. The hooks are delivered with the all inclusive packages and provide an extra opulent look to the tree.

The hooks are golden, beautiful in size and shape, and these give the artificial ornaments an authentic look.

For the first time, the hooks are also available individually packaged, 15 per package.

Posted By Xmasdeco

Work with a theme color

mardi 19 novembre 2019 12:14:56 Europe/Berlin

Create a stylish and luxurious decoration collection by working with a clear colour theme. To create this theme, ornaments of different shades, but of a similar colour can be used, giving your tree an added glamorous look. This collection by Xmasdeco is based on six colour settings which include silver, red, gold, purple, yellow and copper.

Posted By Xmasdeco

Happy New Year!

mardi 1 janvier 2019 13:17:43 Europe/Berlin

Wishing you a Bright and Sparkling 2018!

Posted By Xmasdeco

An additional gift; after all it’s Christmas!

lundi 12 novembre 2018 13:29:52 Europe/Berlin

Make your tree extra cheerful with our Xmasdeco Gingerbread Cookies ornaments. This season you receive a free luxury Gingerbread Ornament (worth € 4.95) with several all-in-one packages and Xmasdeco Christmas trees.

Click here for more information!

Posted By Xmasdeco

Do it different!

mardi 6 novembre 2018 09:19:53 Europe/Berlin

Why always put one traditional Christmas tree up? Why not two, for example in front of the fireplace or a sofa.

The picture shown below show two luxurious Christmas tree both 120 cm. Instead of one big Christmas tree, we have carefully chosen two smaller trees and placed them on large bowls / pillar to give it more body. Due to this simple method, a modern deluxe look is created and your Christmas decoration will be much more original then others!

Posted By Xmasdeco

Our mission just started: making Christmas easy for you!

lundi 29 octobre 2018 13:28:56 Europe/Berlin

To make your Christmas more easier, we have changed or website completely. The new website has a better overview of our products and is more customer-friendly. Enjoy our new design now:

Posted By Xmasdeco
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